Shaun Taylor McManus (born August 1983) is a British composer, musician and pianist, best known for his contemporary classic piano compositions. 

Shaun's compositions have appeared on major networks such as HBO, and have been used on commercials for high profile brands such as Nokia and Relais and Chateaux. 

"I began working with Shaun back in 2014. I came across his track "The Last Stand" and was immediately hooked.  We collaborated for a few weeks and at the end he provided me with two tracks which I used to bookend the show I produced, 24/7 Pacquiao-Bradley 2.   I was immediately impressed by Shaun's composing skills and his ability to implement my vision into his work seemed effortless on his part."
 (Thomas Odelfelt, Producer, HBO)

Shaun’s compositions are textural, vivid and cinematic: his melodies have a deep, tangible feel that translate well to the screen.

Inspired by eclectic composers the likes of Yann Tiersen, Ludovico Einaudi or Michael Nyman, his scores borrow from the vast vernacular of classical, folk and contemporary music with a unique twist.



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